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Fourways 2 6 Dilston Terrace, Amble, Northumberland, NE65 0DT
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The Council has two allotment sites, one at Percy Drive and one at West Avenue.

The Percy Drive site was originally owned by Amble Urban District and passed to Alnwick District Council on its inception. With that body’s demise, it passed to Northumberland County Council and was subsequently legally handed to Amble Town Council.

The West Avenue site belonged to Amble Burial Board and so became the property of this Council when that ceased to exist. This area, adjacent to the West Cemetery, was originally intended for further burial land but as it was not needed at that time, it was decided to temporarily use it for allotments.

The areas are leased to Amble Allotment Holders’ Society who handle plot letting and daily organisation; however there are legal rules and regulations under the Local Government Acts which must be complied with. The Society sets the individual rents and determines what size of  plot is allocated. Plots are inspected to make sure they are being cultivated and maintained correctly as there is a waiting list. Meetings to consider any matters relating to the Allotments are held regularly between the Council and the Society and site visits take place twice a year.

Allotment cultivation seems to be a very popular pastime and an enjoyable productive way of getting exercise- there is no substitute for home grown vegetables! In July, Council holds an annual competition for the best allotment and encourages plot holders to actively take part.

To join the waiting list, please contact the Society as detailed below; any other queries can be directed to the Society or the Council Clerk.

The Raised Bed Scheme is no longer available


There are over 200 allotment gardens in Amble, spread over two sites- at Percy Drive and West Avenue. The land belongs to Amble Town Council and is leased by Amble Allotment Holders’ Society. The two sites are managed as one body by the allotment holders themselves who elect a committee to handle the administration. Amble Allotment Holders Society is affiliated to the National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Limited.

All allotments have access to mains water supply during the growing season, and insurance cover is provided via the Society’s policy.

Members also benefit from access to the Society’s allotments hut, which stocks a range of growing essentials at discounted rates. (Those who do not have an allotment may also use the shop on payment of a small annual subscription.) The hut is open from 10.30 to11.30 on Saturday and Sunday mornings. However as the hut is staffed entirely by volunteers, these times are subject to change. Additional volunteers are needed at present to ensure that the hut remains open.

As in most areas of the country, allotments are in increasing demand in Amble. The waiting list has grown steadily, particularly in recent years.

For further information about any aspect of the allotments please contact the secretary via