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Fourways 2 6 Dilston Terrace, Amble, Northumberland, NE65 0DT
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Welcome to Amble Town Council

I was very proud once again to accept the Chair of Amble Town Council with its accompanying Civic duty as Mayor.

Amble in the past few years has become the ‘go to’ place which has seen a major transition from Coal distribution, Building Trades and Fishing, to Tourism and the Gastronomic experience. The transition has not been easy involving a change in the minds of some of the Community which will continue as more improvements are made, leading to a more vibrant destination for locals and tourists alike.

The Harbour Markets are proving to be very successful as are the Harbour Village and Lobster Hatchery; the new Hotel and the Retail outlet on the Coquet Enterprise Park all look good for a prosperous future. Our award winning High Street, Fish Restaurant and Ice Cream are all improving the image.

Of course, this has also led to the increase in Housing Development. Some may say this is a bad thing for Amble but the problem we face is that it is inevitable and would be difficult or impossible to stop. The answer must be to work with these developers for the benefit of the community and use any financial gain to improve our services. Working as a community together, whether as part of an organisation or as a volunteer, we can make Amble a stronger and more self-sufficient place.

The perception of Amble has changed over the past few years from a place that was visited once or twice it has now become the destination of choice. If a comparison was to be drawn then whilst other local Coastal Towns are struggling with a similar dilemma, Amble is holding its own and will improve.

Come and experience our town delights- again and again!

Councillor Craig Weir, Amble Mayor