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Fourways 2 6 Dilston Terrace, Amble, Northumberland, NE65 0DT
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West Cemetery Policy

So that the cemetery can be maintained properly, no kerbs or enclosures of any type are permitted in the newer sections. Floral tributes and small plants must not extend beyond 39cm (15″) from the rear of the memorial in any section, except the Natural Burial area where none are allowed.

This is so the grave plot can be more easily cut with our machinery.  The immediate area around any headstone which does not have floral tributes or plants will be treated to avoid unsightly growth of weeds. This cemetery, which is open to the public, cannot be effectively secured therefore before placing any items on a grave owners should consider their distress if these items are damaged or stolen.

Amble West CemeteryPlease do not place any unauthorised items, especially of a breakable nature, as these can pose a safety risk to the operatives as illustrated. Please check the rules first as unauthorised items will be removed but can be claimed up to 28 days before disposal.