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Town History Trail

Last year a small group of Councillors began work on a revamp of the Town History Trail. The Green trail has been reversed and some changes made to the route itself. This meant new maps for the notice boards and a new leaflet- some revised wording too. Not everyone is able to get a leaflet, so we have added some numbered  waymarkers along the routes so that anyone just out walking can more easily  follow the trails.

Warkworth Parish Council  kindly agreed to the placing of an information board and a seat on the Braid as you enter from the pedestrian gate on the A1068. There are information boards in Links Road and at Paddlers Park too. The ‘lookout’ on the grass overlooking the Dock also has a board and will soon have a distance marker for added interest.

‘Reflections,’ available at the Council Office and some outlets in the town, is a booklet which gives greater insight into the changes which have taken place along the trail routes.