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Vehicle Security


Don’t Leave Valuables on Show

It might sound obvious but leaving items on show is an invitation to the opportunist criminal – mobile phones, satnavs and mounts, power leads, money, wallets, handbags, sunglasses, coats, jackets and bags should always be removed from the vehicle or hidden well out of sight

Hide Keys & Fobs

Keys and ignition fobs should be kept safe and out of sight and reach. A common way to steal a car is to take the keys or ignition fob, so never leave them in the vehicle, even if it is unattended for a moment. When at home ensure that your keys or ignition fob are kept well away from windows or doors so that they cannot be seen by a potential thief, and never leave them close to the front door where they can be accessed through letterboxes

Lock Doors & Close Windows!

Always lock and close the windows of your vehicle when you leave it unattended – be this on the drive, the petrol station forecourt, when de-icing your vehicle in the winter or when getting a ticket to park. An unlocked vehicle is the easiest to steal or steal from.

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Car security


With more people staying at home this summer, demand for caravans and mobile homes has increased and is likely to lead to a rise in theft. You can take some simple measures to keep your caravan and mobile home safe, whether you are parking at home or a campsite, travelling or stopping at the motorway services.

Caravans left on sites, parked on driveways and even static caravans can be a target for thieves. Newer models are likely to be more desirable to criminals’, but it does not mean that older models are not also at risk.

Thefts of mobile homes and campervans is often by organised gangs so please use our top advice tips to reduce this crime – don’t consider each measure below in isolation, as we recommend using a combination of physical and technical security together to keep your possessions safe, both at home and whilst travelling. You can then have greater peace of mind and enjoy your holiday.

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Motorhome and caravan security