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Motorhome Feasibility Study – NCC

ATC have had several enquiries since NCC’s announcement of a feasibility study for the Braid.

The finance being allocated by NCC is for a feasibility study to determine if an area of the Braid Car Park could be used for campervan parking. No decisions as to the amount of this area it would cover or the form it would take, including charges, times, waste facilities etc. have yet been determined. This study, along with similar ideas from AONB, is being undertaken as there are concerns about the lack of facilities along the coast for such vehicles and the need to alleviate any possible damage caused by indiscriminative parking. It is anticipated that there will be an increase in this type of ‘staycation’ in the future due to the Covid restrictions on travel.

Concerns about the facility expanding onto the more open area of the Braid which is widely used by many as access to Amble, to the riverside and Warkworth, and for walking exercise, would require deregulation of the area as a village green which would be subject to public consultation- however this area is not a part of the proposed feasibility study.

If the feasibility study suggests that some of the car park area could be a viable idea then it would come through the planning process and both Warkworth Parish Council, whose area encompasses this, and Amble Town Council will be invited to comment. At that time any perceived effect upon parking spaces for those accessing the facilities there or Amble itself, disposal facilities, times etc. could be addressed.

Any concerns or comments about the study should be addressed to Glen Sanderson, Leader, Northumberland County Council.