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Memorial Gardens

Plans for the Memorial Gardens

Amble Town Council recently became the owners of the Memorial Gardens and are now spending some time deciding what work needs to be done there so it can be maintained as befits such an important part of our town.
The first phase involves managing the trees which have become overgrown and are catching the overhead cables. Also having new ‘ends’ fitted to complete the back fence to the edge of the walls to prevent these areas being used by those who think this is a suitable shortcut. Once completed the fence and the ramp handrail will be painted. In this first phase, as part of our contract with NCC, we will start to tidy the hard landscaped areas- paths, steps etc.- to remove the weeds in the edges.
We have met with representatives from Amble Social History Group and agreed a spot on the path to the Radcliffe Memorial, where the plaque from ‘The Band Hall’ at Radcliffe can be placed by them. This has been outstanding for some time but will soon be placed in this prominent position for all to see again.
Two information boards will be placed within the area- one relating the history of the memorials and the other a lasting reflection on how the community honoured the centenary years of WWI.
As Council are placing lights on Betty’s tree as part of the town’s Christmas lighting, this was looked at. This tree, not the original one but a replacement, remains an integral part of the garden and has community sentimental attachments. It is becoming too large for the raised bed it is in and possibly because of this, it is beginning to die in the middle. Cutting back this type of tree cannot be done so rather than just wait until the tree died, Council considered what could be done to preserve the ‘memorial’ element.
Under the Spring ‘revamp’ a semi-mature evergreen tree will be planted nearer the Radcliffe Memorial side where it can be viewed from both the square and Queen Street so that it can grow and, like the tree in the raised bed now, be a fitting replacement for the original tree. Those who knew Betty will remember her fondness for the ‘lost villages’ of which Radcliffe was one. When the time is right the commemorative plaque will be placed nearer this tree, thus retaining fond memories of her love for the community in which she lived and to which she devoted a lot of her time.
This Spring work includes looking at how to make the planted areas more easily managed- to achieve this some of the hebe areas will be changed back to the original grass but lots of planting will still be retained in the other parts. Once the ‘revamp’ is complete, Council will engage a contractor to regularly look after the soft landscape areas- thus ensuring it is kept tidy.
The Memorial Garden is an integral part of this community and Council intend to do all they can to see it remains as a lasting tribute to many who are no longer with us but to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.