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West Cemetery Weedkilling

We agreed with our contractors that as few graves in the older sections of the cemetery were visited that the grave spaces could be weed killed after the snowdrops/bulbs had died back. Initially the area is discoloured but within a few weeks it becomes a clear space. This is done to ensure it does not become weed strewn and overgrown as it is difficult to use machinery within kerbsets.
In the other sections it was agreed that those plots which were not attended could be weed killed. Those with plants or flowers in the allocated space in front of a memorial were to continue to be strimmed around.
Whilst this was done in last year’s season, unfortunately it has not been followed at the start of this year with other areas having been inadvertently included in the programme. However our contractor has been made aware of this and has been asked to adhere to the agreement in the future.