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Finance Committee minutes of meeting held 25th July 2013

Minutes of a Meeting of Amble Town Council Finance Committee held on Thursday, 25th July 2013 in The Council Office, The Quayside, Amble.


1. PRESENT: Cllr Dargue (Chair), Arckless, Lewis and Weir together with the Clerk.


2. APOLOGIES: Cllr Hinson – other commitment, Watson – Holiday, Bennett- Family Commitments The apologies were agreed.



Cllr Weir declared a personal interest in items TC0406 and PC0402 as per the Code of Conduct Appendix B(i).



4.1: VAT reclaim of £1287.74 submitted for period 01/04/13 – 30/06/13. Refund now received



5.1: Santander – Important changes to your My Business Bank online banking service to be action requested by 16th August 2013. – This was noted for information.



6.1. The following cheques were signed in advance of this meeting having received approval at the May meeting.

Ref Cheque number Payment made to Reason

Gross amount

6.2: The following cheques were signed out of meeting and required retrospective approval

Ref Cheque number Payment made to Reason

Gross amount



6.3: The following payments had been made/ received using petty cash and were accepted for information.

Ref Payment to/from Reason Amount



PC0401 Amble Town Council Petty cash +£68.50


PC0402 Strikes Tools (Pride in Amble) -15.98


PC0403 The Old Boathouse Expenses Garden Awards -18.90



6.4: It was RESOLVED that the accounts for the month were agreed and the necessary cheques signed with the exception of the payment for the gull proof bins which were not suitable for the Council’s requirements.  More resistant, study gull proof bins would be required. The Clerk/ Administration Officer were delegated to investigate these and/or obtain information from NCC; also if possible, to progress the matter urgently by purchasing 2 provided they were no more expensive than had already been agreed.


Ref Cheque Number Payment made to Reason

Gross amount

TC0401 102850 HMRC Tax & NI Month 4


TC0402 102851 Collingwood Legal Legal advice


TC0403 102852 Playsafety Limited Annual inspection        £78.00
TC0404 102853 Smiths of Derby Service Visit      £213.60
TC0405 102854 Churches Fire Security Ltd Extinguisher service       £49.86
TC0406 102855 AAHS Pride in Amble – Compost       £27.75
TC0407 102856 United Carlton Copier Charges        £24.94
TC0408 102857 Stone Technical Services War Mem Lightning Check      £131.96
TC0409 102865 Earth Anchors Ltd 2 x Gull proof bins      £787.14
TC0410 102866 NALC Training event        £15.00


CM0401 102858 Robson & Cowan Husky belts


CM0402 102859 Martin’s Grave digging + East cem


CM0403 102860 S & B Roller Shutters Shutter service


CM0404 102861 S & M Williams Fuel


CM0405 102862 Art of Stone Memorials Memorial plaque


CM0406 102863 Ken’s Auto Parts Tyre weld


CM0407 102864 Fir Tree Nursery Plants


6.5: The following amounts have been paid by standing order/direct debit showing on bank statements                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 at 30th June 2013 and were received for information.

Date Method Payment to Reason


10/06/2013 DD BT Payment Services Ltd One Bill


11/06/2013 SO Confidential Salaries & Wages


11/06/2013 SO Confidential Salaries & Wages


11/06/2013 SO Confidential Salaries & Wages


17/06/2013 DD Npower Electricity


28/06/2013 SO Confidential Salaries & Wages


6.6: Government Procurement card purchases

No purchases were made on the Government Procurement Card.

Ref Date Payment made to Reason

Gross amount



                                                                                                                                             Total £

6.7: The following amounts had been received since the last Meeting and were presented for information:

Ref Payment received from Reason


RC0401 C Charlton INV3


RC0402 J Wallace INV12


RC0403 Healthcare Screening Donation

Cash £10.00

RC0404 Duquemin INV13


RC0405 Embleton INV2


RC0406 Co-operative Funeralcare INV8+9


RC0407 Santander Interest


RC0408 Safe Harbour Christian Fellowship Donation


RC0409 Co-operative Funeralcare INV10




RC0411 Alistair Turner INV7+11


                                                                                                                   Total £5820.30

All cash income is banked upon receipt



7: Acceptance of SPENd/Budget Figures- YTD:

The figures for the month of June 2013 were presented; copies are available on application to the Clerk. 

A bank reconciliation balanced to date although hard copies were not available in the meeting.



8.1: Choysez – To extend evening activities for young people from Amble £250 (pursuant to Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976, s.19). It was RESOLVED that due to economic restraints, funding could not be provided on this occasion.

8.2: Amble Detachment – Northumbria Army Cadet Force – Pursuant to Local Government Act 1972, s.137 it was RESOVLED that a grant of £550 be made available with an additional £300 from the Community and Environmental budget heading to allow for the purchase of the Regal Contingent banner.  This however was conditional on Amble ACF raising the necessary funds for accoutrements and accessories and using the banner in future community events and parades.

8.3: Amble Tavern FC –Pursuant to Local Government Act 1976 Section 19 it was RESOLVED to grant £300 to Amble Tavern FC for the purchase of a line marker for use by them and other Amble teams at the Welfare if they could match fund it through their own fundraising efforts.

8.4: Northumberland Wildlife Trust –Pursuant to Local Government Act 1972, s.137, it was RESOLVED to grant a donation of £100 to the Room to Grow at Hauxley land appeal.

8.5: Amble Harbour Lights – Pursuant to Local Government Act 1972, s.145, it was RESOLVED to grant £150 towards the cost of a microphone and £50 towards exploring the possibility of setting up a junior community choir.



9.1~: To consider vying monies to different bank accounts – It was RESOLVED that this be delegated to the Clerk with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Finance Committee.


10. DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: The next Meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 22nd August 2013 in The Council Offices, Warkworth Harbour Commissioner’s Building, The Quayside, Amble.


The meeting closed at 8.30pm