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Town Council Minutes 13th June 2013

Minutes of a meeting of Amble Town Council held on Thursday 13th June 2013 at 6.30pm in the Council Office, The Quayside, Harbour Road, Amble.

1. PRESENT: Cllrs Weir (Chair), Arckless, Watson, Mrs Dargue, Mrs Lewis, Miss Morrison and the Clerk; Miss Brown.

Reporter James Willoughby was also present.

Resident – Mr Palin.



Apologies had been received from Cllr Hinson who was on holiday. The apologies were agreed.


The Clerk informed that the following correspondence items had been added for discussion purposes:

17.15: Letter from North Street/View Residents Association

17.16: Letter from resident of Gloster Park

17.17: Leazes Street litter issues




4. PUBLIC QUESTION TIME: (maximum 15 minutes)




5.1: To consider applications for the West Ward vacancy

The Clerk read out the applications from Les Bilboe, Katherine Bennett and Sam Palin.

The members voted to co-opt Katherine Bennett with the majority in favour.



6.1: It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the Annual meeting held 16th May 2013 were accurate.

6.2: It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held 16th May 2013 were accurate.

6.3: It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held 30th May 2013 with an amendment if agreed in private; including sheet detailing agreed flag protocol.



RECOMMENDATION – That the Council notes the contents of the report

7.1: Enquiry to Mr Goode re: land transfer

The members were extremely disappointed with the timescale on the transfer, a letter to this effect would be sent to Mr Goode and also the solicitor stating movement would be expected before August.

7.2: Neighbourhood Plan working party meeting held; Julia Aston of Amble Development Trust also attended.

7.3: Letter of congratulations to the Coastguard

7.4: Letter to NCC in support of Coquet Yacht Club lease and land extension

7.5: Letters to contractors re: quotations for 16 weeks work at East and West Cemetery

7.6: Lightning conductor survey booked

7.7: On viewing WW1 Centenary letter I can confirm that nowhere in the text was the word ‘celebration’ used.

7.8: Community tidy up took place.

The Clerk thanked the 11 volunteers who took part in collecting approx. 20 bags of litter.

7.9: Confirmation of signage design for Rivergreen planter agreed with Chairman.

7.10: Clerk and Cllr Mrs Dargue to attend Chairman ‘refresher’ training in Alnwick on 19th June

7.11: Confirmation from Warkworth Parish Council on agreement to meet with Northumbria Police to discuss speeding issues.

Cllrs Watson, Arckless and Mrs Lewis would like to attend, they would enquire what the options were, preferring at this stage for a moveable flashing 30mph sign to be put in place.



8.1: Report of community tidy up – This was done in the Clerks report.

8.2: Notes of visit to HMP Northumberland 6th June 2013 – Cllr Morrison gave a verbal report; HMP Northumberland suggested they may make a further 2/3 planters, they would make a litter bin free of charge. The refurbished seat would be done as soon as possible; there was no progress on the other wooden seats.

8.3: Notes of Neighbourhood planning working party meeting 3rd June 2013. – The Clerk gave a verbal report on the meeting- NCC would be contacted re: the future of neighbourhood plans as well as areas which had produced these for details of the work, response and value of them to their community; however her notes would be circulated among members.

8.4: Update on Private Crackett service – The Clerk informed that the family of Private Crackett had been in touch and were happy to attend a service but required more information on what it was likely to involve.  The Clerk would ask CWGC for advice on how they have handled such services.  Members felt the service should be respectful and include prayers, a dedication and possibly some words from the family. Churches together would be invited, stating a preference by the family for the Methodist Minister. The family would be asked for a date within the next 2/3 months.



To receive the communications and report of the Chairman pertaining to Council Business

9.1: The Chairman had attended James Calvert Spence College year 11 Awards Ceremony to present an award.  He found this thoroughly enjoyable.

9.2: The Chairman had attended Amble First School assembly where he presented the school with the award in commemoration of the Jubilee and Summer games.

9.3: There was a request for the Chairman to officially open the arts and crafts centre, which was declined due to prior commitments.

9.4:  The Chairman was to attend HMP Northumberland on 24th June at 10am for a photo presentation with the Governor for the Coal Truck planter.  Cllrs Miss Morrison and Mrs Lewis would also attend.

9.5: The Chairman was invited to attend the Good Citizen awards ceremony which would take place on Friday 5th July at 1pm.  The Clerk would enquire if other Members of the Council could also attend.



County Councillor Arckless would circulate his report after the meeting.

County Councillor Watson reported that the posts on the Braid at the car park had been replaced, also the yellow lines on High Street should be removed before the next Town Council meeting. He was currently looking at funds for nets at the MUGA in the Welfare.

It had been agreed by Warkworth Parish Council that the Anchor on the Braid could be moved to Coquet Yacht Club who would take responsibility for it. A new plaque would be placed on it.



Cllr Morrison reported on the Puffin Festival, Amble Action Group wished to donate the Puffin sculpture to the Town Council to be located within the High Street garden.

The Town Council thanked Amble Action Group, the costing for installing the sculpture would be added to the amenities committee; the sculpture was formally adopted by the Town Council.

Cllr Dargue congratulated all those involved in the puffin festival.



12.1: To consider Councillors to act as guide to the Annual Garden Awards judge on 8th July – The deadline for short listing was set at 28th June.  Cllr Weir would accompany the judge round the East Ward, and the Cllrs for the West and Central Wards were yet to be determined. The judge would be asked if he would also judge the virtual garden awards which would close on 8th July and it would need to be clarified whether Mr Bilboe was still willing to judge the allotments

12.2: WW1 Centenary – Compilation of info – Consideration of Grant request – Cllr Mrs Lewis reported a positive response from the Army Cadets, Schools, young Rotarians and Social history Group for the ‘In Memory of the Fallen’ project.  It was RESOLVED that the Council would apply for grant funding and in principle be mindful of the need to provide funding for special projects relating to this. Cllr Mrs Lewis, Drague and the Clerk were delegated to hold further talks with interested groups and report back to the July meeting with more detail of a grant application.

12.3: Code of conduct – Reiteration to members – Cllr Weir reminded members that they were bound by adopted standing orders and the Code of Conduct.  He would address this topic further in private.

12.4: To consider the locations of the 2 trees and future plans for trees – The Clerk had not yet had a response regarding the type of trees, she would continue to pursue and bring details back to the July meeting.

12.5: Consideration of Earmarked Funds and Budget – a copy of the funds were circulated and agreed.



13.1 The adoption of the reports and recommendations of the Meeting held Thursday 23rd May 2013 was RESOLVED following an amendment.



14.1: It was RESOLVED to adopt the reports and recommendations of the Meeting held Thursday 25th April 2013.



15.1: The reports in the month of June were accepted for information.



16.1: The next meeting would take place on Thursday 20th June.



17.1: NCC – Community agreements – Proposals to support areas at risk of flooding – It was RESOLVED that the Council would like to be involved.

17.2: NCC – Member training – The Clerk would circulate the training DVD starting with Cllr Morrison

17.3: NCC – Northumberland Core Strategy – Settlement Services and Facilities Audit Update – It was RESOLVED that the Clerk and Chair be delegated to complete the survey.

17.4: Mr Anderson – Creation of a park run event in the Parish – As the Council had limited funds and there were already existing running clubs in the parish, it was RESOLVED that the Clerk inform Mr Anderson that unfortunately the Council were not in a position to provide the funding for such an event and that 5k away from Highways was extremely difficult to achieve in the Parish.  He would be directed to the local running clubs and Druridge Bay County Parks, which would be a more appropriate location for such an event.

17.5: – This was received for information.

17.6: NCC – Free Parking for all – It was noted that the Council were already in discussion with Highways Officers regarding Parking. This was received for information

17.7: LMAPS – Date of North Street residents meeting – The Clerk informed that the next meeting was due to take place on 24th July at 18.00 in Fourways 2.  The Council agreed that a separate meeting should fist be held with Tesco.  Item 17.15 was discussed at this stage.  It was noted that a huge amount of effort had been put in to improve things for the residents of North Street and North View, LMAPS had provided funding for additional police patrols and the road and paths had been upgraded.  It was noted that none of the issues detailed in the letter were the responsibility of the Town Council but were the responsibility of Northumberland County Council.  The NCC Community Safety Officer had arranged a meeting for the residents to take place on 24th July where it was hoped the resident’s issues would be addressed.


A relaxation of the Standing Orders was agreed at 9pm

17.8: Keep Britain Tidy – Love Where You Live Month – This was received for information.

17.9: NCC – Parking services had been informed of a case when a PCN was issued to a hearse on Church Street and were offering assistance to resolve this matter.  Cllr Arckless informed that a PCN had not actually been issued but the threat was there.

17.10: Ian Hinson – Complaints procedure, appeals by members against decisions of the Council i.e. maladministration and members of the public challenging decisions of the Council – Cllr Hinson would be asked to refer to his own copy of adopted standing orders and the Code of conduct which covered these issues.

17.11: NCC – Listed building consent granted for Radcliffe War Memorial restoration –this was noted for information

17.12: Civic Service of Solemn Commemoration – The Clerk would enquire whether 2 representatives were invited or only one, Cllr Morrison and Lewis both stated their interest in attending.

17.13: NCC – Roundabout sponsorship response – The members stated that the response from NCC did not address the issues and was contradictory to Highways Regulations.  The decision to reject other roundabout signage was made by their own Councillors.

17.14: Amble Boat Company – Flags –The Clerk read out the letter; the Chairman decided to handle this item in Private.

17.15: North Street Residents letter – This was discussed under 17.7

17.16: Gloster Park Letter – The Clerk read out the letter.  A response would be sent informing the residents that it was the responsibility of Northumberland County Council to deal with environmental health issues.  Any break of a covenant would be civil law and the residents would need to pursue this themselves.

17.17: Litter on Leazes Street – The Clerk would arrange a meeting to be held with the Chair & Vice Chair of the Amenities Committee, Harbour Master, Neighbourhood Services and the Proprietor of the nearest business to attempt to find solutions or a compromise.



18.1: Coastal View May 2013

18.2: Can e-news May 2013

18.3: NCC external funding bulletin 42

18.4: Clerk and Councils Direct May 2013

18.5: Local Council Update May 2013

The information items were received en bloc.



19:1 The date & time of the next Meeting will be on Thursday 11th July 2013 at approx. 6.30pm. in the Town Council Meeting Room, The Quayside, Amble


It was RESOLVED that under Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public will be excluded from the Meeting during consideration of the following items on the Agenda due to their sensitive nature.





20.1: It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the meeting held 16th May 2013 (page 5)

20.2: It was RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the meeting held 30th May 2013 with amendments (page 9)



Cllr Dargue circulated the LMAPS report; which was received with thanks.


22. Review of Services Update –

It was RESOLVED that following some minor amendments to the letter of offer, that the letter, contract and job description be given to the employee for signing by 28th June so that the new contract could commence on 1st July.


23. Consideration of Staff vacancy/ contractor hire

The Clerk had requested quotes for a 16 week contract covering ground maintenance in the East Cemetery, West Cemetery and a burial service for full body interments


East Cemetery

Company 1 – £1800 +VAT

Company 2 – £300 per 15 days or £600 per month

Company 3 – £1160 + VAT

Company 4 – Unable to provide quotation


West Cemetery

Company 1 – £6300 +VAT

Company 2 – £825 per 10 days or £2475 per month

Company 3 – £6800 + VAT

Company 4– Unable to provide quotation



Company 1 – Does not cover this type of work

Company 2 – Does not cover this type of work

Company 3 – £280 double, £230 single/re-open, £165 child under 12, £40 ashes

Company 4 – Unable to provide quotation


After considering the quotations, it was RESOLVED to outsource the East Cemetery for 16 weeks commencing 17th June accepting the quotation from Company 3. It was noted that this would need to be reconsidered formally (over the winter months and possibly put out to tender) once the review of services was completed.

It was also RESOLVED to outsource all full body interments to Company 3.  Again this would need to be reviewed and a more formal tender process considered over the winter months.


24. Cllr Weir informed of a couple of incidents that occurred on the weekend of 1st June.

The first incident lead to the letter from a business which the Clerk read out.  The Cllr  had been verbally requested by the Chairman to apologise to the owners.  It was RESOLVED that the Town Council would send a letter to the business disassociating the Council from the comments that were made, informing that their businesses and involvement in activities within the community are greatly appreciated.

The second incident involved the same Cllr approaching a member of staff and making inappropriate comments  It was RESOLVED that a letter be sent to the Cllr explaining the Code of Conduct and the need to have respect for the employees.


The meeting closed at 10.05pm