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Amenities Committee Minutes 20th June 2013

Minutes of the meeting of Amble Town Council Amenities Committee held on Thursday, 20th June 2013 at 6.30pm in The Council Office.


1. PRESENT: Cllr Mrs Lewis (Chairman) Cllr Weir, Cllrs Mrs Bennett, Dargue, Cllr Morrison and Rev’d Nicholson along with the Administration Assistant (Mrs A Burn) was also in attendance.





3.1: Allotments

3.2: Play Areas

3.3: Seats, Litter Bins, Bus Shelters, Noticeboards.

3.4: Garden / Allotment Awards.

3.5: Rights of Way.


H.L. informed the members of the Terms of Reference for this new committee.

The Clerk, Administration Assistant and Chair had spoken prior to the meeting regarding the possibility of Floral beds and Planters as extra items to be added to the Amenities Committee which were not in the Administration Assistant’s present Job Description. However the Clerk felt these were best dealt with as at present as she would be ordering plants and directing the employee(s) or contractors and the Administration Assistant was not willing to add extra hours to her working week. Cllr Weir as Chairman of the Council would discuss this with the Clerk, as he was concerned about adding to her workload as more planters were introduced, however was happy for this arrangement at present but suggested it be reviewed at the Annual Meeting of 2014.

The members and The Clerk had agreed for inspection and maintenance of Notice Boards to be added to the Amenities Committee as this was a job which would only need checked occasionally.

Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed the Terms of Reference be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.



4.1: Allotment Report

As the secretary was not present a report was not available.

Members were very concerned as a point of contact for emergencies was still not available for the society.  The secretary of the society had not given an email address or telephone number for contact other than  through her husband’s work email address- this is not a satisfactory arrangement.

The Administration Assistant is to write to the chairman of AAHS for an emergency contact telephone number of a member that can attend the allotments during the day in the case of an emergency and personal contact details for the secretary, reminding them that the lease necessitates this information be given. These details are required within 3 working days.

The matter of the walkway work and display notice will also be included for their agreement after the Administration Assistant has contacted the contractor for a guide to how long the work for the pathways at the Percy Drive Allotments will take to complete.


4.2: Philip Drive Play Area Report

There were no reports given to the Administration Assistant.

The painting had been completed; the mushroom ride installed and employees would be asked to weed and moss kill soon.



5.1: Seats

Administration Assistant was to have checked with HMP Northumberland for when the refurbished Seat would be ready however Cllrs will ask on Monday at the Coal Tub photoshoot.

H.L. confirmed a position had not been decided yet where it was going to be located.

H.L. – A resident had contacted the office regarding seating to be placed at Gloster Park, The Clerk had replied.

If the seat was to be ready within 4 weeks it would be placed on a new base at Gloster Park in the position agreed by NCC; if not then a seat the same as those already in the town would be ordered for here and installed upon arrival.

V.N. – reminded a seat / bench to be located in the bus shelter opposite. A.B – to measure for a bench to be placed inside the existing bus shelter, then order a metal bench (similar to the type used for town seats) which will fit.

H.L. enquired if there were any further iron ends at the Cemetery. A.B – to ask the cemetery operative if there are any further ends up there.

J.D informed the members wood had been bought by HMP Northumberland for the agreed free seat and bench for Panhaven Links area- no indication of when this work would be done.

A.B to provide V.N with a map to identify where a (NCC) seat is located on the dunes near the picnic area which needs access cleared to it.

C.W. is to enquire at HMP Northumberland if they can provide a joint initiative plaque for the seat as they have providing one already naming those who worked on the Coal Truck.

J.D was delegated to visit the resident regarding the moving of the donated seat located at Gibson St, after the Administration Assistant had forwarded the contact details. Whichever type of seat was placed at the top of the Wynd a new base would be required.

H.L. was delegated to ascertain how many town seats did not have ownership plaques affixed.


5.2: Litter Bins

H.L confirmed a dog bin is to be re-sited from the bridge at the Braid to Gloster Park area.

A litter bin had been relocated to Albert St/ Lindisfarne Rd and to the top of the Wynd.

The litter bin on Links Avenue was to be placed in the stone planter on Links Road.

H.L. felt the litter bin moved from Bridge Street was in the wrong location at the side of the TIC. The members requested the bin be moved forward to the front of the shrub bed so the people entering the Town Square could use it.

(After speaking to The Town Clerk who had spoken to the builder who had located it, if it was moved forward onto the cobble stones it would not be secure and it was best to be left where it is.This is not part of the meeting but something which occurred later so comes into next meeting for members to consider) write again asking the developer about placing a bin at the junction of Phillip Drive and Percy Drive.

A.B. to look online to find measurements for a metal inner, print the information off and send it HMP Northumberland who were going to attempt to make a bird proof bin.

J.D enquired about dog fouling stickers to be placed on Lamp posts. A.B to email Terry Garnick and the Dog Warden to request stickers be placed on lamp posts at Acklington Road and in the Gloster Park/ Meadows area.

All litter bins need the stickers referring to dual use placed on them.


5.3: Bus Shelters

The builder is to be urged to complete the work on the Links Avenue and Acklington Road (nr. Middle School) bus shelters and although the window gap has been blocked at the Church Street bus shelter- the drainpipe still needs attention.

Quotations are awaited for the work on the crack and the window of the shelter at the High School.

The High Street shelter was in poor condition and not suitable for repair; therefore Members felt it was not prudent to take on responsibility for it.

Information received from NCC was that a replacement bus shelter would cost £6,500 dependent upon a site survey; criteria for another type was inadequate. Cllr Weir suggested H.L. send some links of bus shelters to A.B to find costs for a bus shelter. Details to be forwarded to NCC asking if we were to place/replace any bus shelters in future would these be suitable.

A.B requested to send another letter asking for Timetables for the Links Estate service to be placed throughout the bus route. V.N volunteered to place the Timetables at Church Street, Phillip Drive and Links Avenue.



It was agreed a letter be sent to the officer for Rights of Way as no work appeared to have been done to the existing Rights of Way since the last letter.

V.N Stressed the signage at Hope Farm was in need of upgrade to reflect the new route as it has not been changed.

H.L. requested Consideration of New Rights of Way be added to the July Amenities Committee and members think of areas which could be added.



7.1: To consider costs for installation of Puffin sculpture

H.L requested the minutes show Cllr Weir in consultation with the Clerk was to contact local builders for costs to install the Puffin Sculpture within concrete using metal bars and with a ‘rockery’ surround.

The position of the puffin was to be located in the ‘point’ nearest Queen Street, approx. where the Xmas Tree was placed in 2012, with the beak facing at an angle towards the opposite car park area so people passing can see the detail. Costs be brought to the Finance Committee for progress.

K.B enquired why the wall was being taken down. H.L updated the new member.


7.2: To consider the future of the Leazes Street litter bins

H.L. a compromise had been reached at the meeting between WHC, NCC, and a business owner held earlier in the afternoon.

NCC would contact the office if a large waste skip with a slot was available; if it is available NCC were happy to place it in the car park to the left of the opening to the Harbour; they would empty it as at present; the Harbour Master was agreeable to this solution for a trial period and would then present it to the Board’s next meeting for approval. Other types of bins were discussed to see what was acceptable to NCC if the skip was not available.

If the large bin is not available it was agreed the administration assistant would order 2 x new bins with flaps- as shown to members.  Members were not in favour of any bins being removed from outside the Car Park on Leazes St. feeling that these would be needed by those using the takeaway food outlets on the street itself and NCC would be asked if these could be placed alongside the existing bins. Whichever arrangement occurred, it would be for trial period of 1 month.


7.3: Floral Beds

A.B requested to contact Terry Garnick regarding maintenance of planting beds in the Town which were under their remit. Members are particularly concerned regarding the condition of those in Gibson Street, Lindisfarne Road/ Albert Street and the Church Street bus stop area. Also the stonework of the one furthest on the left facing the shelter has moved.


7.4: Coal Truck Planter

C.W attending HMP Northumberland with H.L and K.M on Monday 24th June 2013 for publicity picture.

C.W. with the Clerk is enquiring if a local businessman can attend the prison to transport the planter to Amble.

If HMP Northumberland cannot supply a joint initiative plaque to be placed on the truck, A.B. to order:

Working in partnership

Amble Town Council

H.M.P. Northumberland


Wording of an information board was discussed as well as this possibly being part of others on the town trail.

J.D requested a new project be placed on the July Town Agenda for these information boards.

H.L suggested asking for approval in principle then but leaving the new project until Autumn as there are various projects on going at present.


The next meeting of the Amenities Committee would be held on Thursday 18th July 2013 at 6.30pm in the Town Council Offices.


As there were no further items of discussion the meeting was closed at 20.20pm.