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Recreation Committee Meeting 9th February 2013

Minutes of the meeting of Amble Town Council Allotment and Playground Committee held on Saturday, 9th February 2013 at 10.00am in The Council Office.

1. PRESENT: Cllr Mrs Lewis (Chairman) and Weir. Mr Duquemin (Secretary) from the Amble Allotment Holders Society and the Clerical Assistant (Mrs A Burn) were also in attendance.


2. APOLOGIES: Cllrs Bilboe, Palin, Dargue, Nicholson and Morrison – other commitments. The apologies were proposed for acceptance by Cllr Mrs Lewis, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.


As the meeting was not quorate the following memorandum notes will be taken to the Town Council meeting for ratification.



3.1: Cost for Crushed Rubble – sourced for Wynd Entrance.

3.2: Cost for removal of slops/debris and addition of crushed rubble with machine sourced for Wynd Entrance.

3.3: Contacted Police re: Leaflet Drop for Broken Bottles in Philip Drive Play Area. A leaflet drop was not necessary as the residents living nearby would contact the police regarding any anti-social behaviour.

3.4: Vehicular damage to Allotment wall on West Avenue – local builder contacted to make wall safe.

3.5: Local Builder contacted re: re-build of allotment wall at West Avenue

3.6: Allotment Holder Society contacted re: height of erection of pigeon loft.

3.7: Allotment Holder Society contacted re: water pipe discovered in a new trench. A member of the Allotment Holder Society had dug the trench.

Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed acceptance of the Clerk’s Report, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.



The Secretary began his report by informing members of a significant amount of tenants (60) who have not yet paid their rent. The waiting list is currently at 43, this number is lower than in previous years numbers will hopefully increase in the future. Several requests had been received to split allotments to make them manageable to newer tenants. A few allotments have already been split but the numbers of split allotments were to be kept at a minimum as the society were reluctant to split many unless of a substantial size. The society had hired skips to help dispose of old sheds from vacated allotments, there had been a noticeable amount dismantled and the allotments were beginning to look better.

Cllr Mrs Lewis agreed proper use of allotments is to be encouraged as allotments will be used for many years.

The secretary had received no adverse reports of smoke from nearby residents, but the tenants had not really been burning a lot of excess waste.

Cllr Mrs Lewis was concerned about a press article that had been released regarding the theft of pigeons from a pigeon loft at the Allotments. The secretary had not been aware of the theft until he had read the article, he was also concerned. Cllr Mrs Lewis requested the Administration Assistant contact the police to request a crime number for the theft of the breeding pigeons.   Cllr Mrs Lewis thanked the Secretary for his report.



5.1: Update on East Allotment pathways

The secretary informed the members the information for the pathways would be requested on Tuesday night at the Allotment Holders Society meeting.

Cllr Mrs Lewis requested detailed specifications be included in the quotation.

Cllr Mrs Lewis understood the central walkway was to be prioritised.

5.2: Update on Boundary Fence at West Allotments

Cllr Weir was aware of the completion of the fence posts, he was not aware if the fence had been completed; he was aware the metal fittings were wrong and had to be re-ordered.

A gate was to be included to open from the cemetery leading down to the allotments area it would be for cemetery use only. The gate would not be a thoroughfare.

5.3: Cost of re-surfacing Wynd Entrance

Administration assistant informed the members of the two costs for the re-surfacing of the entrance to the Wynd Entrance.

Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed the cost which included the machine would be beneficial and would last longer, Cllr Weir seconded this. To be ratified at the full Council meeting.


Cllr Mrs Lewis thanked the secretary again for his attendance and confirmed the next meeting date- Saturday 13th April 2013.

The secretary informed the members of his decision to leave the post of secretary at the end of April 2013. A new secretary was already sourced but the meeting day may have to be changed as the new secretary works on a Saturday.

Cllr Mrs Lewis explained there could possibly be a new committee set up in May due to the Council having acquired responsibility for more amenities from NCC- this could include the Allotments and playgrounds, the new committee could possibly meet on a bi monthly basis, maybe on the first Thursday of the scheduled month as Council meetings were normally held on Thursdays.

The secretary agreed the meeting would be best suited to be held before the society meeting which is held on the second Tuesday of the second month. (February, April, June etc.)

Cllr Weir agreed the meeting would be best suited to take place on a bi monthly basis as every month would be excessive and every three months is too long.

The secretary enquired when a site visit would take place if the meeting was in the evening. Cllr Weir suggested waiting until May to see if the committee was set up then decisions could be made from then.









8.1: Inspection sheets

The administration assistant informed the members that the playground inspector had to clear up tiny pieces of green broken glass again inside the play area.

Cllr Mrs Lewis requested the Administration Assistant contact the police again to confirm the decision which was given at the Town Council meeting by the Community Support Officer to make a leaflet drop, informing the residents that they could make a complaint anonymously, without the police coming to their door. Our inspector regularly checks the playground and has reported broken glass in the playground, there is evidence of late night drinking taking place in the playground.

The playground inspector had requested the administration assistant mention a slippery area in the corner of the playground. When looking at the inspection sheets there was mention of Moss.

Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed a cemetery operative call around to the playground and moss kill. Cllr Weir seconded. To be ratified at full Council meeting



The next meeting is due to be held on Saturday 13th April 2013 at 10.00am in the Town Council meeting room following a site visit at 9.00am at the Wynd Entrance of the West Allotments.

Under Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public will be excluded from the Meeting during consideration of the following items on the Agenda due to sensitive nature



P01: Consideration of quotations received for painting of Philip Drive Playground.

A local painter provided a quotation of £480.00

A local painter provided a quotation of £392.30


(The litter bins were to be removed from the work as Council had already decided to remove these soon.)

Cllr Mrs Lewis requested clarification be sourced on the lower quotation-if satisfactory Cllr Weir proposed accepting the lower quotation. Cllr Mrs Lewis seconded this.


As there were no further items of discussion the meeting was closed at 11.00am.