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Recreation Committee Meeting 20th April 2013

Minutes of the meeting of Amble Town Council Recreation Committee held on Saturday, 20th April 2013 at 10.00am in The Council Office following a site visit at 9.00am.

1. PRESENT: Cllr Mrs Lewis (Chairman), Palin and Weir. Mr Duquemin (Secretary) from the Amble Allotment Holders Society and the Administration Assistant (Mrs A Burn) were also in attendance.


2. APOLOGIES: Cllrs Bilboe, Dargue, Morrison and Nicholson – other commitments. The apologies were proposed for acceptance by Cllr Mrs Lewis, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.



3.1: Enquiry re: Livestock on Allotment.

3.2: Enquiry re: Bonfires on Allotment.

3.3: West Allotment Entrance filled with crushed rubble.

3.4: Local Builder completed the repairs to the damaged wall on West Avenue.

3.5: Cemetery Operative requested to moss kill in Philip Drive Play Area in better weather.

3.6: Local Painter confirmed availability for painting of Philip Drive Play Area, awaiting date.

3.7: Magic Mushroom ordered for Philip Drive Play Area, approx. date given for installation end of March.

3.8: Magic Mushroom installed 28th March 2013.

3.9: Local Painter ordered paint and will complete the work while children are at school – no date given.

4.0: Email received from Play Area Inspector re: broken glass in Philip Drive Play Area 5th April 2013.

4.1: Emailed Police re: broken glass in Philip Drive Play Area 5th April 2013.

4.2: Play Area Inspector reported broken glass on path leading to Philip Drive Area 18th April 2013.

4.3: Email sent to Bill Pringle – NCC re: broken glass on path 18th April 2013.


Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed acceptance of the Clerk’s Report, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.



The secretary had noticed looking back on figures throughout the year the turn-over of allotments had increased. The waiting list had now reached a very low figure of approx. 20.

H.L. – suggested an article could be placed in the Amble Town Council newsletter (Autumn edition) encouraging residents to put their name on the waiting list as the numbers are so low.

The secretary agreed the article may attract more residents to both the full allotments and the Simply Horticulture raised bed allotments.

H.L. – a better surface leading to the raised beds would make access easier.

The secretary confirmed he would forward the contact details of his replacement to the Administration Assistant.

H.L. – enquired if the Allotment Holders Society were planning to display no dog fouling signs at both of the Allotments.

All members had noticed dog fouling at both sites at the Site Visit.



5.1: Enforcement of Regulations

H.L. was aware the rules and regulations were given to all tenants but requested the Allotment Holders Association emphasise bonfires on allotments are to take place only when the tenant is at the allotment and to only burn the permitted items.

A complaint had been received re: bonfires on an allotment which caused numerous emails between the Administration Assistant and Cllr Lewis. An allotment was in the process of being cleared by two tenants, a fire had been set in two separate locations on the allotment. The first fire, burning garden waste and plastic, which was located at the back of the allotment had been left unattended on various nights and had been burning from 8am until during the night over a four week time frame.

The administration assistant had contacted the secretary of the allotment holder’s society to request a member call along to the allotment to ensure the bonfire was only burnt when a tenant was in attendance, the wind was in the correct direction and the items being burnt were from the allotment.

H.L. then received another complaint about the tenants having then increased the fires to two, one was still in a drum but the other fire was a pile of waste which was located near the path closer to resident’s houses.

H.L. commented on the bonfire which has caused smoke to cross the road after the site visit today. It was felt the tenants should be made aware of the danger the smoke can cause to vehicles on the road- it being an offence to obscure the driver’s vision- and the nuisance to houses located nearby.

H.L. requested a contact number for a member of the Allotment Association who would be available through the day if any further complaints were received re: the allotments or more importantly for use in an emergency.

The secretary would ask at the next Allotment Holders meeting for a willing member to give their details.

C.W. enquired if all tenants were given the same rules and regulations or if the newer tenants were given different / updated copies.  The secretary confirmed all tenants signed any updates.

C.W. suggested enforcing the rules and regulations by reminding the tenants of the agreement they entered into when signing the document.

C.D. thought rules regarding clearance and fires would be best reinforced in the covering letter which was sent when offering an allotment to new tenants.


5.2: Repairs to East Walkways

H.L. informed the members of the receipt of the third quotation, the quotations would all be discussed by the Full Town Council at the next meeting which is scheduled to take place on Thursday 16th May 2013 as they had felt clarification and other quotes were needed. Their preferred contractor would then be discussed with the society as the work was on a shared financial basis.

H.L. enquired if the quotations requested by the Allotment Society had requested the area leading to the hut to be included. The secretary confirmed the area leading to the hut had not been included in their quotations.


5.3: Best Allotment Award

H.L. informed the members of planned changes to the Allotment Awards for the scheduled Garden Awards this year. In past years the Judge of the Allotments had found it very hard to choose one winner from all of the allotments. The standards had improved so much in both areas that it was now felt it would be better to award a winner for each area. Cllr Bilboe is leaving Amble Town Council but he has volunteered to still judge the allotments this year.









8.1: Inspection sheets

The administration assistant informed the members that the main item to report from the reports was the broken glass.



The next meeting will be arranged following the AGM in May 2013. The society would prefer the committee to meet before their meetings so that any items can be discussed as they arise. The society meet every 2 months- February, April, June, August, October, December. Also the new secretary works on a Saturday so if possible an evening would be preferable to ensure attendance.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.25am.