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Recreation Committee Meeting 13th October 2012

Minutes of the meeting of Amble Town Council Allotment and Playground Committee held on Saturday, 13th October 2012 at 10.00am in The Council Office which took place after a site visit at the West Allotments, Wynd Entance at 9.00am.


1. PRESENT: Cllrs Mrs Lewis (Chairman), Weir and Rev. Nicholson (Site Visit only).  Mr Duquemin (Secretary) from the Amble Allotment Holders Society and the Clerical Assistant (Mrs A Burn) were also in attendance.


2. APOLOGIES: Cllrs Bilboe, Palin and Morrison – other commitments. Rev. Nicholson – illness.

The apologies were proposed for acceptance by Cllr Mrs Lewis, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.


As the meeting was not quorate the following memorandum notes will be taken to the Town Council meeting for approval.



3.1:  Letter sent to local painter as discussed in the previous meeting.

3.2:  Telephone call to BT regarding the line which is lying on branches at West Allotments.

3.3:  Letters sent to local painters to request quotations.

3.4:  Quotations received work can be carried out in the spring time.

3.5:  West Allotment map emailed to Secretary of AAHS re: Water Course.

3.6:  “No Dog” Sign ordered for Philip Drive Play Area.

3.7:  A fence collapsed backing onto Percy Drive Allotments – contacted AAHS secretary

3.8: AAHS secretary confirmed the fence was in disrepair and he would contact the tenant again.


Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed acceptance of the Clerk’s Report, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.



The Secretary began his report by informing members of the vast amount of letters (40-50) which had been sent to tenants this year asking for the allotments to be tidied. The society had reached a decision of giving the tenant at least 12 months on the allotment before re-applying their rent. A discussion was then held regarding the amount time the tenants should be allowed. The members were in agreement that a six month tenancy / trial should be in place for future tenants so a two way process could be in place.

The Secretary confirmed the waiting list was around 40 people, of those 12 would be definite.

The weeds at the Raised Bed site were a problem as not enough people were committed to the area and the weeds were able to grow. The society had agreed the applicants would not have to pass so many areas to be able to have a raised allotment but they would have to reside in Amble.

H.L. enquired when the raised beds were vacant could the frailer people not be prioritised?

C.W enquired if the schools had been approached as they could be interested in taking a raised bed for education.

The Secretary confirmed there were 3 people already who had shown interest in the raised bed area.

The Secretary confirmed they would contact the local schools and ask if they would be interested in taking on a raised bed.

H.L enquired if the West Allotment (Raised Bed area) could be weed killed to aid the prevention of weeds.

C.W confirmed the area should be weed killed now and in late March.

C.W will look into the cemetery operatives weed killing in the raised bed area and the area where the fence will be moved to. C.W will inform the office if there is time available for the operatives to perform the weed killing.

The Secretary suggested moving the Poly tunnel in the Spring.

The roadways at Percy Drive require further information.

C.W will contact Groundwork’s Northumberland and the Prince’s Trust for the roadways at the West Allotment.

H.L sources to be found for railway sleepers to be placed in the Raised Bed area, the area of willows at the West Allotment could be turned into a sensory garden. Grant funding may be required.

The administration assistant will source prices for scalpings / planings from a local firm.

H.L raised concern over a pile of wood at the Percy Drive allotment.

The Secretary had made note of the number on the site visit and would inform the tenant.

H.L and C.W both commented on the amount of barbed wire which had been removed from the Percy drive allotments.

C.W raised concern regarding the rusted corrugated iron which is still in places of the allotments.

H.L noted a bush which was growing on the outside of an allotment which required pruning or removing.

The Secretary would mention the bush to the tenant and inform the administration assistant of the outcome. The administration assistant had taken photos of the bush and had made a note of the allotment, if an email was required to be sent to NCC the photos would indicate the location.

H.L requested contacting B.T. regarding the bush which is located on the path which is in front of the B.T. office on the Industrial Park.

H.L thanked the Secretary and informed him the next date would be emailed to him.



5.1: Boundary fence

Cllr Mrs Lewis noted the breeze block wall boundary, Amble Town Council are pursuing.









8.1: Inspection sheets

The administration assistant informed the members that the playground inspector had to clear up tiny pieces of green broken glass which had been found inside the play area.

Cllr Mrs Lewis enquired if the police had completed the leaflet drop in which the nearby residents could report Anti-Social Behaviour confidentially.

Cllr Weir was aware that the area was isolated and could potentially be an area where Anti-Social Behaviour could take place. He enquired if the play area inspector reported both to the Council and to the police every time anything was found in the play area.

Cllr Weir enquired if a newsletter could be produced re: making the public aware of the substantial money which was spent on the play area and the dangers of bottles / broken glass in the play area for children of all ages.



The next meeting is due to be held on Saturday 12th January 2013 at 10.00am in the Town Council meeting room.