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Minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held 11th September 2012

Minutes of a Meeting of Planning Committee held on Tuesday 11th September 2012 at 6.30 p.m. in The Council Office, The Quayside, Amble.


Cllr Hinson (Chair), Cllr Miss Morrison (Vice Chair), Cllr Bilboe, Cllr Mrs Lewis and Cllr Rev. Nicholson together with the Administration Assistant, Mrs A Burn.






3.1: Responses sent to NCC as agreed in previous meeting.

3.2: Email received from NCC in reply to an enquiry on 24th Jan 2012 re: work carried out on a building.  NCC confirmed the planning application had been approved and the amendments for the work carried out had also been approved.  There is still an issue with a fence around the building which the planning department are corresponding with the owners.  The planning department will contact us again if an outcome is reached.

The administration assistant informed the members an email which had been sent to NCC planning dept expressing concern as there seemed to be a lack of correspondence from NCC to Amble Town Council regarding the planning application.  A question was raised in the email as to the NCC policy re: a building being situated on a border but affecting both parishes.  As yet an answer has still to be received.

A member raised a question re: an area on Coquet Industrial Estate which had not been rectified as yet despite an email having been sent to NCC.

The Clerk would contact NCC again and request an update.


The Clerk’s report was proposed for acceptance by Cllr Mrs Lewis, seconded by Cllr Hinson and it was agreed.









6.1: Renegotiation of Section 106 planning obligations: Consultation closing date 8th October 2012. (A hard copy will be available in the office).


Cllr Hinson noted receipt of the above consultation and informed the members a copy would be emailed for their perusal.  If members had any comments they should be brought to the next scheduled planning meeting as the closing date for the consultation is 8th October 2012.

Cllr Morrison requested a summary of Section 106. Cllr Hinson gave a brief description.

Cllr Hinson requested the Administration Assistant look back through the planning applications to retrieve information which is relevant to the consultation and provide the findings at the next planning meeting.



7.1: 12/02472/FUL – Land South of King Edward Street, Amble – Construction of control kiosk, access and re-profiling works associated with Flooding Alleviation Scheme at Wellwood Street, Amble.

The planning application was discussed.

A member had concern as there had been problems elsewhere in the past.

The members hoped the planning application would alleviate the problems in the past in the Wellwood area.

Once the works had started it was hoped the Grassed Area and Footpath would be finished to existing standards.  The members also requested the works be carried out as quickly as possible as the area is used extensively by members of the public.


7.2: 12/02522/CCD – Wellhaugh Point Amenity Car Park, Links Road, Amble – Improvements to the surface of Amble Dunes Car Park and access road. The bays themselves will not be overlaid and will remain as the existing crushed stone sub-stone surface.

The planning application was discussed.

A member had concern re: cars driving up to the edge of the dunes to view the sea as the fence had been broken.

Members suggested an extension to the east of the car park for disabled car access and the cars would have an improved view of the area.

Members also requested concrete bollards replace the wooden fence which was burnt / vandalised.


8. DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: The next Meeting will be arranged when any Planning Applications are received, on Tuesday 2nd October 2012 at 6.30 p.m. in The Council Office, The Quayside, Amble.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.04 p.m.