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Minutes of the Allotments and Playgrounds Committee meeting held 2nd July 2012

Minutes of the meeting of Amble Town Council Allotment and Playground Committee held on Saturday, 7th July 2012 at 10.00am in The Council Office.


1. PRESENT: Cllrs Mrs Lewis (Chairman), Palin, Weir and Rev. Nicholson.  Mr Duquemin (Secretary) from the Amble Allotment Holders Society and the Clerical Assistant (Mrs A Burn) were also in attendance.


2. APOLOGIES: Cllrs Hinson, Bilboe, and Morrison – other commitments. The apologies were proposed for acceptance by Cllr Mrs Lewis, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.



3.1: Email sent to NCC re: No Fly Tipping Signs an update was requested as agreed in the previous meeting.

3.2: Email sent to Highways Dept. re: planings from the upgrading of the Amble to Warkworth Road.

3.3: Contacted local painter re: Painting of Equipment at Philip Drive Playground. Contacted the shop on various occasions via telephone and calling in. The painter confirmed he is unable to carry out work before school holidays due to being fully booked and weather conditions, 28/06/2012.

3.4: Letter sent to ISOS Housing re: broken fence at play area. I have requested a representative contact the office when they are intending to visit the play area. Reply letter received on 06/07/2012, confirming the work would be completed a.s.a.p.

3.5:  Letter sent to tenant re: Coal yard site.

3.6:  Plans of Percy Drive Allotments sent to Secretary of AAHS.

3.7: Email sent to company re: confirmation that replacement tiles are included in quotation.


The clerk’s report was proposed for acceptance by Cllr Mrs Lewis, this was seconded by Cllr Nicholson and agreed.



The secretary informed the members of letters which had been sent to 28 tenants at the East Allotments and 12 tenants at the West Allotments. The waiting list for allotments was confirmed as below 45. The weather conditions have left the raised beds looking untidy and the erection of the poly tunnel has been postponed. The secretary would require assistance when the weather conditions improve. Cllr Weir offered to help erect the poly tunnel if the secretary contacts him when the assistance is required. Roadways at the East Allotments are still being investigated as detailed information is required. The secretary thanked the Clerical Assistant for providing the map which was passed on to gather quotations as yet the secretary has not received all of the required information.

Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed the Chair, Vice Chair and Clerical Assistant be delegated the powers to authorise the completion of the work if the information is received before the next Allotment and Playground meeting in October, this was seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.

The secretary enquired if weed killing could be carried at the allotments. Cllr Mrs Lewis agreed the weeds at the top of the West allotments were a priority, on the land we took over. The weeds would need to be strimmed first then the weed killer applied.

Cllr Mrs Lewis enquired if the builder had confirmed availability to tidy up the rubble as requested in the previous meeting.

Cllr Mrs Lewis asked the Secretary if allotment tenants were allowed to stock pile wood on their plot, as after walking around she had noticed that there seemed to be various piles lying around. Cllr Mrs Lewis enquired if he could verify if the rules / guidelines state that wood is not permitted to be collated on the plot. The Secretary confirmed the issue had been discussed in previous meetings.

Cllr Mrs Lewis had concerns regarding the ownership of land under the pigeon lofts.

Cllr Mrs Lewis enquired if the AAHS had any further thoughts on the year bond. The Secretary assured members the issue had been discussed previously but AAHS would be discussing the issue again. Cllr Mrs Lewis agreed the matter should be deferred for now and any decisions should be carried out by AAHS.

Cllr Mrs Lewis thanked the Secretary for his report.

The date for the next meeting would be confirmed after the Town Council meeting on Thursday night as the new standing orders were being discussed.

The next meeting could be held on the 6th or the 13th October.




5.1: Painting of Philip Drive Playarea.









8.1: Inspection sheets

The Clerical Assistant informed members that the playground inspector had noted a large amount of dog fouling had been in the play area and trodden into the slide. Complaints had been made to the playground inspector by local residents. The playground inspector had tidied polystyrene from the play area and had removed a large piece of kitchen bench which had been left in the play area.

Cllr Mrs Lewis enquired if a ‘NO DOG SIGN’ had been purchased, if not try again. The Clerical Assistant could contact NCC for a sign.

Cllr Mrs Lewis confirmed the police were going to complete a leaflet drop to residents around the Philip Drive play area. The Clerical Assistant is to enquire if the leaflet drop was completed.

8.2: RoSPA Inspection – 05/06/2012.

Cllr Mrs Lewis informed the members of the items which had been highlighted in the report. One of the items raised was the tightening of the bolts on the existing ride.

8.3: Consideration of painting of playground

Cllr Mrs Lewis explained to members that the painting of the equipment had been held up due to the weather and not having the apprentices to carry out the task.

Cllr Mrs Lewis requested the Clerical Assistant contact the painter and request the work be carried out before Christmas. Members discussed the item and asked why the work could not be carried out in the spring.

Cllr Palin requested quotations be sought from other painters.

Cllr Weir proposed a letter be sent to the painter asking for the earliest date when the work can be carried out, not over the school holidays, a response within 7 days would be required.

Once a response had been received, quotations would be sought from other painters.

The delegated powers were given to the Chair, Vice Chair and Clerical Assistant to deal with this issue before the next meeting.

Cllr Palin seconded this and it was agreed.



The next meeting is to be arranged.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.50am.