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Town Council Minutes 14th July 2011

Minutes of a meeting of Amble Town Council held on Thursday 14th July 2011 at 6.30pm in the Council Office, The Quayside, Harbour Road, Amble.                                                                              

1. PRESENT: Councillors Bilboe, Arckless, Mrs Lewis and Rev Nicholson together with the Clerk.

PCSO Darren Fawcett and Journalist James Willoughby were also in attendance.

 2. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Councillor Weir – other commitments, Councillor Hinson – Holiday.  These were proposed by Cllr Mrs Lewis, seconded by Cllr Bilboe and agreed.


 4. PUBLIC QUESTION TIME: (maximum 15 minutes) Cllr Arckless raised concerns over camper vans parking in the coastal par parks on the way to Hauxley and the subsequent litter this created.

Cllr Mrs Lewis raised concerns over car parking on pavements; she had informed residents to make the authorities aware.

Regarding agenda item 12.7 PCSO Fawcett commented that it was unfortunate that bad language was commonly used in society today.  He has however mentioned this to Julia at the Development Trust.

PCSO Fawcett personally thanked the Council for their contribution to the Good Citizen Awards.


5.1: The Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held Thursday 9th June 2011 were adopted on the proposal of Cllr Mrs Lewis, seconded by Cllr Bilboe and agreed.


6.1: Councillors nominated for Alnwick Party 10/6/11.

6.2: Website text and Town logo forwarded to website designer 10/6/11.

6.3: Letter to Bill Grisdale thanking for recreating town council logo artwork 10/6/11.

6.4: Copy of Mrs Hubbuck’s letter to Terry Garnick and Councillor Arckless 10/6/11.

6.5: Letter of reply sent to Mrs Hubbuck re: Paddling pools 10/6/11.

6.6: SHLAA response submitted 10/6/11.

6.7: Valuation Office informed of extended Town Council premises.11/06/11.

6.8. Letters sent requesting garden awards shields and cup to be returned 21/06/11, all returned.

6.9: Telephone line transferred, new line installed and call divert feature installed 21/06/11

6.10: New desktops installed, networked with printer and copier etc. 23/06/11

6.11: Office move took place 24/06/11

6.12: Quotes requested for painting of meeting room, quotes received, delegated decision made by Chairman with Clerk with corridor to be painted also.  An off-white emulsion had been chosen and painting would commence 18th July 2011.

6.13: Quotes requested for carpeting of meeting room, quotes received, delegated decision made by Chairman with Clerk royal blue industrial carpet ordered old carpet to be removed, new carpet fitted on 22nd July 2011.

6.14: Gas engineer called to look at radiator in office which he repaired and he also reconnected the gas.  A service would be due in October.

6.15: Town Clock serviced; pendulum spring bent, third wheel needing re-bushed.  Quote for repair plus the synchronising of dial hands requested and approved. The repair to be done would be done week commencing 15th August 2011.

6.16: Quotes for restoration of Radcliffe Memorial requested.  Cllr Mrs Lewis suggested this be added to the September agenda as an item for discussion.



8.1: Sam Palin was elected to be member for the West Ward of the Council but was yet to sign his acceptance of office.

8.2: Again no nominations had been made for the 2 Central Ward vacancies and a future election date would be arranged.

 9. CHAIRMAN’S COMMUNICATIONS and REPORT: The Chairman read out his report; copy attached.


10.1 County Councillor Arckless had attended a meeting with the Head of James Calvert Spence College regarding the middle school merger.  There were expected to be 407 students to attend the middle school campus.  Resources and teaching staff should be used more effectively and the building work was already in hand.

A meeting had taken place with a gentleman from Beamish who was exploring local history in the area with schools.  A further meeting was to be arranged.

12 Northumberland schools had applied for academy status.

Cllr Mrs Lewis queried whether anything could be done about the NCC signs that had been erected on the roundabout at the Percy Drive entrance to the town.  Cllr Arckless said this was a sponsorship arrangement between a local business and NCC.  Cllr Mrs Lewis stated that she did not object to the business advertising but to the local of the advertisement, not only was it drawing peoples attention to the weeds on the roundabout, but they could easily distract a driver and cause an accident.  Cllr Arckless would investigate this.

10.2 County Councillor Watson was not in attendance.

 11. REPORTS FROM REPRESENTATIVES  ON OUTSIDE BODIES & REPORTS OF MEETINGS ATTENDED BY MEMBERS AS PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS: Cllr Mrs Lewis had attended the Development Trust AGM.  Julia Aston has been reappointed as Director, the staff had also been praised.  Artwork from high school students had been displayed on the walls.  The Amble GPX had been demonstrated and looked to be very successful.

Fourways Foods was to move into a unit in the recently renovated Co-operative building.


12.1: Consideration of painting bus shelter opposite St Cuthbert’s Parish Church – Cllr Nicholson proposed that she would paint the bus shelter as it was the main bus shelter in the town.  Cllr Mrs Lewis stated that the bus shelter was under the ownership of Northumberland County Council and did not believe any painting should be done until after survey of the shelters had been undergone.  Cllr Arckless stated there were no funds left in the NCC budget for bus shelters and he would second this proposal if Cllr Rev Nicholson agreed to wait until after a survey had been done.  Cllr Rev Nicholson stated she would accept this if the survey was done within 2 weeks.  This was agreed.

12.2: Approval of Town Council website – this would be deferred to the night of the Finance Committee.

12.3: Consideration of event to celebrate Queens Jubilee – The Clerk asked the Council if they planned on doing anything in way of celebrating the Queens Jubilee.  Cllr Mrs Lewis suggested a working group to take place at 5.30pm on the 28th July 2011.

12.4: Consideration of use of meeting room – The Clerk asked the Council what thought they had for the community using the soon to be redecorated meeting room.  Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed limited community use i.e. the photographic group, the art group and the local history society to use the room free of charge for public exhibitions with a possible voluntary donation for heating and electric.  This was seconded by Cllr Arckless and agreed.  The Clerk would set up a meeting with all parties to discuss further along with the Chairman.

12.5: Dropped curbs from Gloster Park to the Town Centre – Cllr Arckless was already in discussions with NCC regarding this and would copy Sam Palin who had raised the issue into his correspondence.

12.6: Pathway leading from Gloster Park to Castle View overgrown – the over grown shrubs which were obstructing pathways would need to be identified for responsibility as this may be down to the householders who live either side of said paths.

12.7: Welfare / Skatepark young people’s behaviour and language – the Development Trust and Northumbria Police were already aware of this.

12.8: Welfare additional netting damaged – This would be reported to the Development Trust.

12.9: Local Democracy Week – The Clerk would send letters to the local schools asking if they wished the Town Council to work with the students during Local Democracy Week (10th -16th October).

12.10: Approval of Draft Newsletter – Cllr Bilboe proposed the newsletter be accepted, this was seconded by Cllr Arckless and agreed.


13.1: The Minutes of the Meeting held Thursday 23rd June 2011 were adopted on the proposal of Cllr Bilboe, seconded by Cllr Arckless and agreed.


14.1: The Minutes of the Meeting held Thursday 23rd June 2011 were adopted on the proposal of Cllr Mrs Lewis, seconded by Cllr Bilboe and agreed.


15.1: The minutes had not yet been circulated.  Cllr Mrs Lewis informed that Castle Morpeth Disability Association had decided to opt out of the project however the Amble Allotment Holders Society were willing to take it over with the same project emphasis.  Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed the Cemetery men to weed kill inside the Simply Horticulture project at no charge.  This was seconded by Cllr Bilboe and agreed.


16.1: The planning report for the month on June 2011

16.2: The minutes of the meeting held Tuesday 28th June 2011 were adopted on the proposal of Cllr Bilboe, seconded by Cllr Mrs Lewis and agreed.



18.1: NCC – Notice of Polling Stations review; for information.

18.2: Resident – Report of dangerous tree limb on Stephenson Road – Clerk reported to NCC 24/06/11 and the issue was resolved within 2 days

18.3: Sustainable Communities – Proposed motion to MP regarding community involvement in planning support.  Cllr Arckless suggested waiting for an official government consultation.

18.4: NCC Amble Town Centre signage – additional signage directing to parking facilities in the tour were approved.  Cllr Mrs Lewis stated that she was disappointed that a coach park had not been designated.


19.1: Regeneration Funding Bulletin No. 21 by email 10/6/11.

19.2: Regeneration Funding Bulletin No. 22 by email 17/06/11.

19.3: Historical Promotions – Queens Jubilee ideas 18/06/11.

19.4: CAN canny news Extra – June 2011 22/06/11.

19.5: NCC North Briefing – June 2011 23/06/11

19.6: Regeneration Funding Bulletin No. 23 by email 24/06/11.

19.7: Historical Promotions – Olympic Games Sport Themed Entertainment 27/6/11

19.8: NCC Highways – emergency road closure 28/06/11.

19.9: CAN Summer news 2011 30/06/11

19.10: Regeneration Funding Bulletin No. 24 by email 30/06/11.

19.11: Flog It – displayed in notice boards.  Flyers available

19.12: The Clerk Magazine July 2011

19.13: Local Councils Update July 2011

19.14: Clerks and Councils Direct July 2011

 (All items will be placed on information table for interested Members)

Information items are not to be taken away from the Meeting but photocopies can be made, if required.


20:1 The date & time of the next Meeting will be on Thursday 8th September 2011 at 6.30pm. in the Town Council Office, The Quayside, Amble

Under Section 100A (4) of the Local Government Act 1972, the press and public will be excluded from the Meeting during consideration of the following items on the Agenda due to sensitive nature.

This was proposed by Cllr Bilboe, seconded by Cllr Mrs Lewis and agreed.


P01. Report from Town Council

Minutes of Town Council Meeting held Thursday 9th June 2011 were approved on the proposal of Cllr Bilboe, seconded by Cllr Arckless and agreed.

 P02. Report from Cemeteries Management Committee

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 23rd June 2011 were approved on the proposal of Cllr Bilboe seconded by Cllr Mrs Lewis and agreed.

 P03. Report from the Finance Committee

Minutes of the meeting held Thursday 23rd June 2011 were approved on the proposal of Cllr Mrs Lewis seconded by Cllr Bilboe and agreed.

 P04. Staff Appraisals for the Cemetery men were deferred to the next meeting of the Cemeteries Management Committee.

 P05. Discussion of land issues:

A – East Cemetery – The boundary of the East Cemetery was discussed and it was agreed no further action be taken.

B – High Street – Following advice from a solicitor, the Clerk would arrange a meeting between the Town Council and the land registry applicant and attempt to come to a compromise.

C – Foreshore Play area – The Clerk was still awaiting information from NCC regarding the conditions of leasing the land if the Council went down that route.

 P06. Consideration of Jute bags – deferred from June – The Clerk had arranged for samples to be sent out.

 P07. Group interest in Meeting Room. – The group would be invited to meet with other parties that the room would be offered to.


P08. Consideration of survey of bur shelters – The Clerk had obtained a quote for a survey of the 7 bus shelters that were proposed to be transferred to the Town Council. Cllr Bilboe proposed accepting the quote, this was seconded by Cllr Mrs Lewis and agreed.




The meeting closed at 8.35pm