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Cemeteries Management Committee Meeting Minutes 19th May 2011

Minutes of a Meeting of Amble Town Council Cemeteries Management Committee held on Thursday 19th May 2011 at 6.30pm. in the Council Office.


1.  PRESENT: Cllrs Bilboe (Chairman), Hinson, Weir and Mrs Lewis together with the Clerk- Miss E Brown.




4.1: Husqvarna broken down at East Cemetery.  Removed by the repair company. Clerk authorised the repair company to retain.

4.2: Husqvarna P524 ordered on a part exchange basis with Husqvarna Proflex

4.3: Rights of Burial, transfer of rights and register of deeds books ordered. Update- Rights of Burial with Memorial Rights not ordered due to cost. Clerk advised to consult with local printer for best price.

4.4: Pesticide nozzles ordered.

4.5: Pressure Washer ordered.

4.6: Planting ordered.

4.7: Clerk advice ICCM re un-purchased plots

4.8: Clerk authorised supervisor to purchase spark plugs for Brushcutter; The Clerk would look into what guarantee was given when the Brushcutters were serviced as it was felt these should have been checked then.


5.1: The Superintendent’s Futures Report was presented for inspection of the Members.

5.2: The time sheets were available for inspection

5.3: The Visitor’s Book was available for inspection at the office from Thursday afternoon.

Cllr Bilboe enquired about the progress with the timesheets.  The Clerk informed that progress was being made however there were other pressing priorities at the present time.

6 Member’s Comments on the Future Report, Visitor’s Book, Timesheets and the condition of the Cemetery

Members felt the Cemetery was in a satisfactory condition.


7.1: Complaint to Councillor Mrs Lewis re: Memorial re-guilding.  Councillor Mrs Lewis explained the complaint was related to the time frame but this was lengthy due to the deeds had been addressed to a funeral director in the early 90’s rather than being sent direct to the client.  The issue had now been resolved.


8.1: Procedures for paupers graves – update The Clerk informed that were there was no proof of ownership, it was up to the burial authority to make decisions by gathering as much information as possible to verify.

8.2: Update of memorial – Councillor Weir was in the process of arranging meetings with builders on site to discuss the project.  The Clerk had written to Mr Redhead regarding the double seat.  Councillor Mrs Lewis proposed Councillor Weir work with the Clerk to progress this as quickly as possible for as reasonable a price as possible for a monument as outlined in the sketches Cllr Weir produced, using internal breeze block and external sandstone and slate.  This was seconded by Councillor Bilboe and agreed.  The Clerk would request brochures on slate plaques and details of engraving.

8.3: Update of environmental burials – This would be progressed once the memorial stones and plaques were arranged.

8.4: West Cemetery gates update – The Clerk would contact the blacksmith again as the proposed start date had now past.

8.5: Mesh Paving – Councillor Bilboe stated that his neighbour has some remaining grid paving blocks (approx 8 square metres) that he would sell for £100.  Councillor Bilboe thought this would be ideal for the hard standing surface in the compound.  The purchase was proposed by Ccouncillor Mrs Lewis, seconded by Councillor Weir and agreed.


9.1: None

10. DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING:  The next Meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday 16th June 2011 at 6.30 p.m. in the Council Office, The Quayside, Amble

Following acceptance of the adoption of Section 100a (4) of the Local Government Act the remainder of the Meeting will be held in Private


P01.  Consideration of Tree survey and maintenance schedule quotes for Amble West Cemetery.

Two quotes had been received:

Quote 1 – £200 per day ground survey plus an additional £25 per hour if further investigation/climbing was required. Expected time 2 days.

Quote 2 – £475 for survey of all trees

Councillor Mrs Lewis proposed accepting the quote 1 on a ground level basis with the Clerk being informed if any further investigating was deemed necessary.  This was seconded by Councillor Hinson and agreed.