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Minutes of Allotments and Playgrounds Committee Meeting 9th July 2011

Minutes of the meeting of Amble Town Council Allotment and Playground Committee held on Saturday, 9th July 2011 at 10.00am in The Council Office.

 1. PRESENT: Cllrs Mrs Lewis (Chairman), Nicholson and Weir.  Mr Duquemin from the Allotment Holders Society and the Clerk were also in attendance.

2. APOLOGIES: Cllr Bilboe – Prior commitments.  This was proposed for acceptance by Cllr Mrs Lewis, seconded by Cllr Weir and agreed.



4.1: Telephone call from resident with a potential solution to any rabbit problem – Clerk consulted Allotment Holders Society.

Both the Council and the Society declined this offer.

4.2: Trees in Cemetery Compound and 2 over West Allotment border surveyed. Cllr Mrs Lewis informed of the Councils plans to have the trees pollarded following the recommendations of an independent arborist.


5.1: Project update; the secretary of the Amble Allotment Holders Society had spoken with David Weatheritt from Castle Morpeth Disability Association.  CMDA planned to opt out of the project in Amble. Colin confirmed that the AAHS were willing to take over the project, advertising the beds through local resources, possibly constructing more beds, although they would need to charge for the use of beds.  The management of the site appeared to have been an issue; weeds had grown throughout the site paths as the final topping had not been put on.  An up to date contact details list of users would be required; the AAHS would gather this information by putting up notices.  The Committee would ask for the Town Council’s approval for the Society to take over the project and in return for the use of the poly tunnel would propose that the Town Council staff carried out substantial weed killing on the site for this season.

5.2: Possible Sensory Garden Project; a meeting had still not been arranged with the former employee of CMDA who had expressed an interest in helping with this project on a voluntary basis. It was agreed that Cllr Mrs Lewis would continue to ascertain the viability of such a project.


6.1: Report from Allotment Holders Society; the society were pleased that the trees were being dealt with.  The waiting list was currently 50.


7.1: ROSPA Inspection – The playground was deemed as satisfactory, however the fence panel on the adjacent property needed replacing and securing, the dog ban sign needed replacing, the remaining unit of the motorbike springer should be removed and the base of the horse springer needed tightening.

The Clerk would write to Nomad Housing re: the fence; a ‘dog’ sign would be replaced and the horse springer tightened. (The old unit is an agenda item.)

The Town Council Playground report detailed litter, glass, cigarette butts and condoms in the playground.  Cllr Mrs Lewis suggested asking the Town Council playground inspector if she thought it was worthwhile removing the bins to combat litter problems.

The Clerk would ask PCSO Fawcett if a leaflet drop had been done in the surrounding houses to encourage residents to anonymously report any anti-social behaviour.


8.1: Pride in Amble – Update; Cllr Weir, with assistance, had provided hanging baskets for businesses on Queen Street, planted up the fish sculpture and baskets on the roundabout at the Percy Drive entrance, planted up the beds in the Town Square and the planter at the end of Broomhill Street.

Cllr Mrs Lewis raised her concerns over the appearance of sponsored signage erected with NCC approval on the South roundabout and yet the weeds had not been dealt with.  Cllr Weir was currently trying to progress several other ideas but was awaiting responses from those involved.

8.2: Allotment road way improvements; the AAHS had quotes for the East Site.  An up to date clarified quote would be requested by Colin as soon as possible so the matter could be progressed. It was indicated the cost would be shared by the Council and the Society. Cllr Mrs Lewis suggested a quote also be sought for the top coating within the Simply Horticulture site.

8.3: Consideration of replacing missing spring rider at Philip Drive Play area -The Clerk. After a discussion, Cllr Mrs Lewis proposed in principle that the magic toadstool be purchased in red at a height of 410mm including installation.  This was seconded by Cllr Nicholson and agreed. Before this was done, the Clerk would ascertain the exact work needed regarding the fixing as there was a concern that the play surface might be removed and therefore need replacing which could prove quite costly.





11. DATE & TIME OF NEXT MEETING: Saturday 9th October 2011 at 10a.m. preceded by a site visit commencing at the Wynd entrance at 9 a.m.


The meeting closed at 11.15pm.