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Peace Sculpture

Each year of the WW1 Centenary there has been a commemorative event held in Amble. In this final year it was felt appropriate to have a lasting tribute which would be there for generations to come.

The town memorials contain 179 names of those who had given their lives in WW1- and 79 in WW2- but through research it was known that there were many others who also did not return. There were countless more who had served in those wars and conflicts since- but no Rolls of Honour to acknowledge them.

It was felt that the one aim they all held in common was the hope that their efforts and sacrifice would help to bring peace for all. With this unifying theme in mind, it was decided to commission a new memorial to encompass that and our gratitude to all these people.

Amble Town Council worked with world renowned blacksmith Stephen Lunn and together chose a unique design. This memorial symbolises stepping towards a peaceful future through an archway topped with doves but incorporates the past conflicts with poppies of remembrance at the base of the archways which stretch skywards.

The community voted for wording which is intertwined on the arch stems with one side referring to Service and the other to Peace- again linking together past and present commitment by all those involved in helping their countries in conflicts with the desire to see a peaceful world for all.

It is hoped that many, many people will come to look at this memorial reflecting on the past and contemplating more peaceful times ahead for future generations to come.