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The Garden Awards 2018 – Results

The Amble Town Council Awards took place on 10th July 2018.  A senior gardener from The Alnwick Garden had been escorted round the town to those gardens placed on a shortlist by local Councillors.

Each of the properties were judged on 3 main criteria, General Design and Landscaping, Use of Colour and Ongoing maintenance. As always, the judge felt the standard was consistently high but included are his comments about the winners.

Community & Business Award

Winner: St Cuthbert’s Church, Church Street

Runner up: Links School Sculpture Trail

The Community Award has been a particularly difficult category to judge this year, as a lot of the selected entries were of a similar design concept and kept to a similar standard. I think the stand out entry among all the wards however was St. Cuthbert’s Church on Church Street. Their garden was well maintained generally with a good use of colour throughout their long border along the Church Street side of the building. I decided to award the Runner Up position to Amble Links First School’s Sculpture Trail. It is a great communal use of School area to encourage people of all ages to either walk, run or cycle around where they get to appreciate some incredible wooden sculptures of seaside creatures and literary characters such as Winnie the Pooh and The Gruffalo and admire the artistry, hard work and dedication that went into their creation.

Central Ward

Winner: 9 Marine Road

Runner up: 5 Lindisfarne Road

Again, a VERY difficult choice to be made here, but I’ve decided to select 9 Marine Road as this year’s winner. It’s quite a small garden, but they’ve packed out every bit of available space with an absolutely mesmerising design featuring some unique plants of all sorts of styles, heights, colours and textures and has a lot of character and individuality. Incredible job! I’ve awarded the Runners up position to 5 Lindisfarne Road. Another beautiful garden awash with colour and variation, magnificently maintained and really good use of their available space.

East Ward

Winner: 19 Coquetdale

Runner up: 16 Bamburgh Close

I’ve selected 19 Coquetdale as this year’s Winner for the Eastern Ward. This garden is exuberantly colourful and loud with lots of summer bedding and edibles such as Nasturtiums and Sweet Peas. I loved the instant impact of vibrant colours as I walked around the corner and the level of maintenance was exceptional. A new selection for this year as Runner up is 16 Bamburgh Close. This again is a garden of instant impact as soon as you walk around the corner of the street. A well-designed Rock Garden with a couple of monstrous Monoliths instantly draw your eye towards this property, and the plant selections add a blend of colours and add to the height of the monoliths and sculptures with use of potted specimen trees and range of colour of herbaceous and alpine plants around the base of the monoliths.

West Ward

Winner: 156 Gloster Park

Runner up: 17 Gloster Park

In this area, I’ve selected 156 Gloster Park as the winner. This garden features an incredible design with a good mix of plants such as Roses, Alliums, Salvias and Actaea and Summer bedding plants among a range of others with perfectly trimmed lawn edges and box hedging. This design is a great use of their available space, using lots of containers and hanging baskets plants of varying height, colour and structure to bring great form and a vibrant impact upon initial viewing. The maintenance is impeccable with hardly a weed to be seen and incredibly neat, tidy edges. I’ve decided to award the Runners Up position to 17 Gloster Park. This Garden features a fantastic mix of Roses of all sorts of varied colours, styles and sizes which bring a real zeal to their garden, with a selection of Summer bedding plants which add a perfect finishing touch to their design. The level of maintenance was incredibly high – well done!

Overall Amble Garden Winner of the Cup 2018 – 9 Marine Road

After much deliberating between each of the ward Winners, I have decided to choose 9 Marine Road as this Year’s outright winner of the Amble Garden AwardThe reason I have selected this garden is because it possesses an incredible level of character and is quite unique among all of the other gardens that I had the pleasure of viewing. For a relatively small property with a limited amount of space available, they absolutely use every single centimetre of that space to incredible effect with a fantastic collection of all sorts of various plants, shrubs, and trees that are brilliantly well kept and maintained.

The Secret Garden 2018

The winner of The Secret Garden category is 19 Ivy Street, Runner up 5 Leslie Drive.  The secret garden will be open to the public for viewing on Saturday 11 August 2018 from 1pm – 4pm.

Civic Wards 2018

Junior Award: Interact

This year’s Junior award was won by The Interact Club of Coquet and Aln (Warkworth Branch). These students at JCSC have worked hard to raise funds for many different causes both here and abroad with various activities including a sponsored walk.

Adult Award: Mary Davison

The Adult award was given to an individual- Mary Davison- who works tirelessly in the community helping others. She is a valuable Church member, helps with Dementia support, the Youth Project, the Puffin Theatre Group and LGBT to name a few.

Council are pleased to publically recognise the contributions made to our community by these people.

A full list of winners is available on here: Full Results