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CCTV is in place now in the central part of the town and operational and will be expanding soon to Percy Street/ Newburgh Street and Acklington Road thanks to our NCC Cllrs’ Small Schemes donations. There are annual running and maintenance costs to pay, future replacement finance needing budget, but Northumbria Police have asked us to look at the A1068 South roundabout and High Street/ Albert Street areas next. Hopefully this will not only deter anti-social behaviour but also then cover all the main entry/exit points of the town. Whilst the Council have paid for the system to be installed and are responsible for its maintenance, the screens can only be viewed by Northumbria Police or similar agencies relating to emergency and law enforcement. There are notices in place so be aware that the recordings will be used to help ensure our townspeople are as safe as possible and the town itself is well kept.