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BUDGET The budget is drawn up for the next financial year as NCC require the figure now to add to the Council Tax calculations. Amble has added just over 60 houses to the stock which is used to work out the individual contribution. Partly due to this addition we have been able to keep the precept rise to only 3% per band D property. The new budget enables us to have more manpower throughout the year to enhance the standards in the town as well as maintaining the new CCTV system. It will continue to fund everything we have put in place in the past as well as carrying on with our litter bin replacement project and our contribution to keep the car park behind Tesco open- whilst we continue to lobby for a long term solution to the problem. We have allocated further funds to complete the work needed to the War Memorial Clock Tower and are discussing the possibility of adding a new memorial for all conflicts rather than only the World Wars currently commemorated. We will continue to repoint more of the East Cemetery walls and will look at replacing the information boards there. There is also money available to help other organisations in the town with their work for and in our community.