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Local Democracy Week

On Wednesday 11th October, Councillors went into our First Schools as part of Local Democracy week.

At Amble Links they spent an enjoyable time with the School Council, aged 5 to 9, talking about the seven Nolan Principles which Councillors adhere to but are also valuable when applied individually to everyday situations. The principles were shown as relevant to the children’s lives- Selflessness, Integrity, Objectivity, Accountability, Openness, Honesty and Leadership. Similarities between the role of a Town Councillor and that of a School Councillor were explored. The areas in the town which were the Council’s responsibility were highlighted and how the Council was funded was discussed. The visit ended with Councillors being shown the new track, around the School field, which is designed to encourage children to be more active.

At Amble First School (Edwin Street) they worked with the whole of year 4, discussing the Council’s role and responsibilities as well as three Values important to Councillors and individuals. Honesty, Respect and Listening were discussed with three groups who then explained to the whole year what scenarios they had investigated and the meaning of these three values. ‘British Values’ is now part of the children’s curriculum and it was very interesting to hear their thoughts and views voiced with such enthusiasm. The session ended with the children colouring badge inserts which would be completed and returned to them.

Councillors have been invited to JCSC Acklington Road in December to partake in a Question and Answer session with a group of students.

Visiting schools and talking with our citizens of the future is one of the most enjoyable parts of being a Councillor