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Development Plans

Recently there have been public consultation sessions about some proposed housing developments for the town; these have raised lots of comment. Many have quoted NCC Core Strategy as 650 houses for Amble from 2011 up to 2031, whereas if granted these plans will see over 1000 dwellings in that period. However this document only gives a guideline and despite this, the current government’s policy is to encourage more homes to be built throughout the country. Concerns have been raised about how the town’s facilities will cope with this large increase; however all utility, highways and environment departments are involved in the consultations; expansion of health facilities are currently based on population and are within the remit of the NHS. Some welcome the extra population these will bring feeling it will encourage businesses to come here and increase employment prospects as well as add to the leisure facilities. We are all free to agree or differ from these views. We encourage everyone to look carefully at the plans and accompanying documentation when they are finalised and permission is requested. You can then consider all the aspects of each plan and use your own thoughts and local knowledge to respond for or against as part of the planning process.