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Precept agreed for 2017/18

The budget is finalised now and we have included some things which the community have asked about- new signage, CCTV for the central area and Paddlers Park, money towards the lease of the car park behind Tesco’s for another year and funding to repair the War Memorial Clock Tower- although we are still hoping to get grant help with this and are aware that the community want to help too. We have pruned the usual elements within the budget as much as possible as we are aware that with NCC cutbacks meaning greater responsibilities being given to parish councils coupled with our own ‘specials’ outlined earlier, inevitably there will be a rise in the parish part of the Council Tax which you pay. The precept request will be for £174,950- a full breakdown is available via the below link. We hope this will be cushioned slightly by the additional houses which were built and occupied in the town in the last year.

TOWN BUDGET 2017 – 18