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War Memorial Clock Tower

Council is still gathering quotations for the extensive work required to repair the damage to the roof, the drainage system and the internal deterioration caused by the water and damp. The specialist nature of the work on this listed monument means there are only a few firms who can do the work; this also means they are kept very busy. Unfortunately, until all the quotations for the different aspects of the work are to hand, we cannot go ahead with a grant application to help with the costs. We took the decision to stop the clock to prevent any further damage to its mechanism as this would have increased the overall price considerably. We had hoped to have the repairs done before Remembrance Day but this will not be possible however we try to internally protect the structure from more damage over the inclement weather to come as we need to preserve and respect this monument to those who lost their lives. We all appreciate how much everyone misses the familiar chimes and just being able to look down the street for the time but unfortunately the situation will remain so until the works are completed. 20131016_094859