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Councillors Corner – Ian Hinson

It is disconcerting to be told you’ve got cancer, which happened to me at the end of April this year. Since then, I’ve realized just how many others know that feeling. Knowing that doesn’t make it easier to cope with it, but I do appreciate the sympathy and concern for me expressed by so many people.

Losing my voice and having difficulty swallowing made me realize something was wrong. After visiting almost every hospital north of the Tyne, having scans, biopsies and photos, it was decided I had a tumour in my gullet. It was difficult to operate, because of the position, so  chemotherapy, followed by radiotherapy was prescribed.

Unfortunately, I suffered an extreme reaction to the chemical, which was stopped immediately and I spent a week in hospital. I am now going through six weeks of radiotherapy at Freeman Road, travelling there every day, alternating between bus, car and good friends who transport me. This is due to end on September 29th, when I hope to know that it has been successful.

I could not take part in council meetings when my voice disappeared, and then I did not feel well enough, but hopefully I will soon be returning to the fray.

All the sympathy and good wishes have helped me to keep a positive attitude, to believe that I’ll be back on form as soon as possible.

Cllr Ian Hinson