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Cemeteries Management Committee minutes of meeting held 25th July 2013

Minutes of Cemeteries Management Committee Meeting held on Thursday 25th July 2013 at the Town Council Office, The Quayside, Harbour Road, Amble.


PRESENT: Cllrs Weir (Chair) Bennett, Dargue and Lewis together with the Clerk; Miss Brown.

Whilst Cllr Arckless was present, as he was not a member of this Committee, he sat in as a member of the public.


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Cllr Watson – Holiday. The apologies were accepted.


1.      DECLARATIONS OF INTERESTS: There were no Declarations of Interest appertaining to the below agenda items.



2.1: Letter sent to Refuse collection company to cancel contract with effect from 1st December 2013

2.2: Planting of West Cemetery done.

2.3: Roller shutter bi-annual service done.

2.4: Border fence of paddock behind turning circle repaired.

2.5: Grass seed order placed for 40kg.

The contents of the report were noted.



RECOMMENDATION – That the Committee inspect the following documents.

3.1: The time sheets were available for inspection

3.2: The Visitor’s Book was available for inspection at the office from Thursday afternoon.

3.3 Member’s Comments on the Visitor’s Book, Timesheets and the condition of the Cemetery following site visit.

The Clerk noted that the grass on the drainage gutters of the drive required trimming back, the hedge bordering Mariners View behind the ashes section required cutting.  The resident would be contacted when this work was due to commence.  A request for possible access into the garden would also be requested to remove any debris that may fall into the garden.  There was a hole in the footpath leading to the wooden seat between the turning circle and section M that the Operative would be requested to fill. 

The Clerk requested guidance from the Committee and the Town Council on possible works they would like done in the future, noting that the cutting back of bushes/weed killing of the allotments was required and the new fence required cutting and capping over the winter months.

The Committee commented that the fence was not to be delayed for winter work but done gradually as time allowed.  The reclaimed allotment land needed cutting – this did not appear to have been done.  An intense weed kill in the older sections of the cemetery was required.

It was noted that the new timesheets recorded time worked but not duties carried out. It was agreed this should be noted under general headings in the diary as a required reference point.





5.1: To consider a rainwater harvesting scheme for the West Cemetery – whilst it did not seem possible to carry out rainwater harvesting in the wider cemetery, it was RESOLVED that the Clerk be delegated £150 to purchase up to 4 water butts to be attached to the down pipes of the machine store and office.



5.2: To consider Outdoor Marking of West Cemetery Grave Sections – It was RESOLVED that the sections of the Cemetery would be marked by stones with painted letters to make public identification easier. Cllrs would investigate suitably flat/sized stones.

5.3: To consider East Cemetery Wild Flower recording – It was RESOLVED that a wildflower survey of the East Cemetery be done.  The Clerk would look into sources of advice regarding management of the area and costings for a survey conducted over an extended period.

5.4: To consider the plans for the West Cemetery – after receiving an update from the contractor, the Clerk informed that an electronic copy would not be provided.  The Clerk would remind the contractor that an electronic copy was stated in the original quotation.  If one could not be supplied, the contractor’s services would be terminated and if necessary payment would be made for any balance due for work done. Other sources for basic diagrams would be sourced as well as cemetery mapping companies investigated.

5.5: Update to Fountain – It was RESOLVED to delegate the Clerk with the Chair and Vice Chair up to £400 to request a plumber/ electrician to replace the pump with a new suitable pump with fountain nozzles as soon as possible.

A request had been made to repair and make safe the memorial for William Gibson, the surveyor, as it approached the centenary of his death. The deeds were nearly expired and the family had stated the space would not be used again; therefore it was RESOLVED to waive the transfer fee due to his historical significance within the town.  The Clerk would inform the family requesting the work of the approval and condition attached .

5.6:  To consider the outsourcing of full body interments – It was RESOLVED that the advert be put in the local paper, on the Council website and in its noticeboards. Related paperwork was approved and would be attached to the minutes.

5.7: To consider the annual charge for the grit bin; payable to Northumberland County Council – It was RESOLVED that the charge be agreed if it covered 3 fills per year.




7.      DATE AND TIME OF NEXT MEETING The next Meeting is scheduled to be held on Thursday 26th September 2013 at 6.30pm. in the Council Office, The Quayside commencing with a site visit commencing at the West Cemetery at 5.30pm



The meeting closed at 7.30pm