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Amble Parish Plan

How can Councillors know what Parishioners want for their town?

A few years ago the Council wanted to produce a Parish Plan- a document to help them and other organisations see what the community needs, hopes and ideas for the town were, thus enabling these groups to see how they could best support and assist Parishioners in their efforts to improve Amble and all it has to offer to everyone.  However it was seen as being too soon after Amble’s Market Town Initiative (M.T.I.) had been issued and so the idea was ‘put on hold.’

In recent meetings with Amble Development Trust, who originally facilitated the community work for the production of the M.T.I., the idea was raised again.  There is now very limited outside funding available- indeed there may be none- for this type of project but Members still feel it would give valuable up to date information on the town itself and insight into what our people want and how they see the town’s  future.  It has been suggested a possible way to keep costs lower and to minimise time spent on information research, would be to use the M.T.I. as a basis, update changes to the town and the figures etc. but still hold  the vitally important community meetings to see if and how people’s thoughts, ideas and hopes have altered.

Whatever format is decided upon, this Plan will be your document and must represent the community’s idea on how they want the place they live in to be, whether staying as it is or making small or large scale changes.  Its success involves not only the finance aspect but more importantly the time taken and the input given by the community itself- the Council cannot do it alone; Community groups can help but it is individual assistance that is vital.

So before progressing the idea further we need to know:

  1. Do you feel we need a Parish Plan?
  2. Do you think we should use the M.T.I. as a starting point?
  3. Would you attend a meeting to discuss the Plan?
  4. Would you be part of a working group to help make the Plan?

Please get in touch with your Councillor or the Clerk as everyone’s response to these questions is needed to decide if we have your backing in this project and how we move forward with it.